privacy policy

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Welcome to our privacy policy

We thank you for taking your very precious time to read our privacy policy We highly appreciate your trust towards us with all your information. and we will always give our best to keep it We make sure that you understand ,why do we collect the information and how do we use it. we also give u choices as what you want to share and what not ,we respect your right to your personal informations .

Informations we collect and use

We take the basic informations of yours. which includes name,age,address and sometimes a profile pic,which is very obvious we need to connect you to the people's you like. we use it in a very genuine way to connect you to the people's of your similarities.

Respect of your personal informations

Despite the fact that the internet is not 100% secure our organization seeke to keep the personal infromations intact by all the means and avoid all the kind of unclaimed access to the personal informations and keep it all safe along with us .

How long do we keep your information

Dates of the users to be maintained with us under following circumstances: as long as we can fulfill or provide answers to the users and are connected to us for maintaining in valid (legal) terms for functioning the business purpose reference.

With whom the website shares the information it collects

Users information provided shall be kept under great surveillance and security. which will only he used for connection or meeting purpose. we do work hard to keep your data 100% safe and secure with us.

Change of privacy policy

We do not provide any notice of the privacy policy date but even if it changes without any notice period, we will be keeping you updated on the changed date.

How to connect us for queries or complaints

You can mail us every queries or complaints to our given information **** and we will respond you withing 2 business days.

Call now 8348851436 Make Money Online creditedon